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My Life, My rules


So when all you’ve got are sleepless nights…

…When those tears are clouding up your eyes.

Just remember it was You who said GoodBye.

I love how everything in Life falls into place, sooner or later.
There is a reason for everything.
You get your proof that you’ve been right all along. And all of a sudden, all puzzles seem to fit. You look back at all the time spent and realize that it was all fake. All of it.

The tears, the smiles, the “Iloveyou’s”.

So you move on, To better days.
Cause honestly, the ones worth spending your time on aren’t the ones that smile like nothing happend and keep ignoring.
It’s the one’s saying:”Okay, we hit a bumb on the road, let’s talk about it and we’ll go from there”…

Never confuse my past with my future.


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